I was born into the dog show world.  Our family own Dorwest Herbs  who sell veterinary herbal medicines for dogs.  My dad Tony travelled the country attending every major Championship dog show selling Dorwest products and I would always attend the shows in the holidays when able.  

I spent my youth looking after our family dogs which were always primarily sighthounds as well as Border Terriers and Cavaliers.  


So once I finished University  I moved back home to work for the family business the first thing I did was plan to buy a hound. After quite a lot of reading on this special breed and talking to owners and breeders, there was no doubt that a whippet was for me! 


I bought my first whippet Archie in 2002 and haven't looked back.


I have 2 kennel names,  my first is 'Dorwest' which has been a family affix for 40 years, my first 2 dogs have this on their names.  My second kennel name 'Ipanema' is held in partnership with my husband Ben and my dad Tony and all our whippets from here on will be 'Ipanema'.


Why Ipanema? Easy - 'The girl from Ipanema' is one of Dads favourite songs and in turn he has made me love it too.  As my Dad and I attend the shows together, 'Ipanema' is a lovely way to celebrate our joint love of sighthounds and most importantly Whippets.  We are continually learning about the breed and love to chat 'whippet' and are very lucky to have some wonderful experienced mentors.


In 2010 after 8 years in the breed we bred our first litter, we have kept a dog and a bitch from this quality litter all of those that entered the show ring qualified for Crufts 2011, we were delighted that Ipanema Indian Pearl was awarded Best Puppy In Breed at Crufts 2011


I was Treasurer of SWWC for 6 years,  I became a full Member of the Kennel Club in May 2006 and was honoured to undertake my first judging appointment in May 2007 

Jo Boughton-White   January 2015



First and foremost all of our Whippets are pets and all live with us at home. Some are active in the show ring whilst others may  have retired or just taking a well earned break!


All of our dogs enjoy living in the Dorset countryside and split their time between relaxing on their sofas, long road walks and fun in the fields. What more could a whippet wish for?



As a rule we only ever breed when we want a puppy for ourselves to expand our kennel, this has meant that we have only bred two litters to date. 


Our first litter, the "Pearl" litter was born in Winter 2010, we were lucky to have fantastic litter of six with four dogs and two bitches. 


Our second litter, the "Hunger Games" litter was born in Autumn 2015, this was a slightly smaller litter of five but still beautiful! This time we had three dogs and again two bitches!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently expecting a litter - due to be born in June 2019. 


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